Friday, August 15, 2008

What's Up with That?

It’s a pretty sure bet that kids and teens constantly using cell phones put themselves at risk from the side effects of radio frequency radiation. Good luck getting your under eight kids to only use a cell phone for emergencies, and teenagers to cut down their calls to less than 10 minutes. Logic does not always prevail. Along that line, today I saw about 20 kids playing dodge ball on a tennis court with their camp counselors. Fun! Then I saw their footwear. Flip flops… on concrete courts. What about foot support and tripping on the court? I file it under “I don’t get it!”

It’s like women, us, wearing flip flops all day as a fashion statement. I think, “stupid.” But I proudly pranced in spike heels the last time they were “in,” to work in downtown Chicago. I strutted from the Chicago and Northwestern commute to 1 North Wacker Drive in those things thinking I was so “hot!”. Did I mention Crocs, which are a totally fun look, but why, for any length of time (like all day)…would one stuff their feet into plastic? This is when I feel really old…when I just don’t “get it!”

What do you think... what’s up with that?

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