Monday, October 6, 2008

Write it Up! Your Thanksgiving Story, That is!

Here's a chance to share your thankful heart with me and perhaps with people around the world. Send me your favorite Thanksgiving story by Oct 30. The November issue of my E-Newsletter is about living in Thanksgiving mode.

Have you had an experience or encounter with something or someone that’s transformed your thinking on thankfulness? Now, rather than take things for granted, do you receive things with gratitude? What makes you thankful and why? I’ll enjoy reading your memories and insights. Be sure to let me know if I can publish your story in the E-Newsletter; and if I can publish your name or if you'd prefer to remain anonymous.

Write it up!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Phyllis,

My Mother was quite unhealthy and died at 57 years of age before she could share being a Grandmother to my kids.

I have had the privilege of sharing many years as best friend to my daughters and "growing up" with my grandchildren.

Sometimes, when I am with them and we are sharing a trip like going to England and France with my granddaughter,
Laura Carter several years ago and to France this past February with my daughter Barb and my granddaughter, Jacque
Erks. I even have a great-granddaughter. Simple times like tucking them in at night or riding bikes or hiking with them
makes me swell with emotion knowing that I share their lives now and their memories later.
I am thankful that God has blessed us so.

Darlene Link Lundeen
Billings, MT

(you may use my name if you wish)