Saturday, February 14, 2009

So This Is Love! Mmmmhmmm Mmmmhmmmm!

I had one of those so-called Kodak® moments watching my daughter’s kids last weekend. I’d heard that earlier in the week, Lew, who is two years old, answered her mommy’s exuberant, “You’re my favorite little person!” with “I not a person, Mommy. I a lady!” And, indeed, she is, as I learned on my shift. When I reminded the children to clear their supper plates, Lew pulled hers from the table. Since she had enjoyed my plate more than her own, hers was still full of food, which she then placed on her head. As she slowly glided over to the sink, one hand on the plate, the other out to her side, I heard in a recognizable and perfect tune, “So this is this is love . . . .”

Lew is obviously going through a Disney princess phase, and by my way of thinking, that’s not all bad. I stood captivated by the natural grace in this wee one as she carried out her chore with a happy heart. After I took the plate with a “thank you,” she went back to busying herself with childish things, and I returned to my grown-up chores at the sink. I questioned my own happiness level in carrying out daily tasks -- from work to home to volunteer activities. Is there a song in my heart? There is when I remember it’s a privilege to serve, to pitch in, and to anticipate what needs to be done. And when I grumble about the sameness of it all -- how no one notices or that I’m just not into the task -- I think of theologian Martin Luther saying something about how it’s as important to swing the axe, do the dishes, or milk the cow, as it is to be the doctor or the preacher.

And that is the point: every job is important when done to the glory of God. For me, Lew puts a new spin on keeping too many plates in the air at once. It works better when you whistle a happy tune. You can always go to the Lord for help in laying some of those plates down, you know.

Now that is love! Mmmmhmmm Mmmhmmm!

See tomorrow’s blog posting for another point of view on the princess phenomenon!

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