Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Need a "Wow?"

If it seems like a good time for a “wow” or if it’s been too long since a “wow” in your life, ask God to “wow” you, to open your eyes to what He has for you to woo you to Himself. He’s doing that all the time, but sometimes we just don’t notice because something else like the what, where or when get in the way.

Robert Orben’s statement catches one aspect of God. "Spring is God's way of saying, 'One more time!” With God, there’s always something just around the corner, some place He’s leading us or a point He’s making to teach us. You’re closer than you think. He’s wowed you before, be open to His doing it again and again! He does repeat Himself. Sunsets, seasons, reasons. Until then, I hope you’ll be “wowed,” inspired and delighted with the April offerings of Woman to Woman®.

On “Loving Your Addict” you’ll meet my friend Debra Jay who, with her husband Jeff, wrote the best-selling book Love First that helped revolutionize the field of intervention. After Deb asks, “Do you want to live this way the rest of your life?” she follows up with the how-to’s of helping your addict to be set free from bondage to the addiction. It’s encouraging that 85% of addicts who experience a Love First intervention embrace the recovery process.

How about a free makeover? That’s what you’ll get from four women on our Easter show this month! We’ll visit with women from faith backgrounds other than Christianity and find out what their lives were like before and after Jesus! These are enlightening peeks about spiritual “makeovers” from the insights of women just like us.

If you parent or work with teens, you’re probably open to all the encouragement you can find! Teens are fascinating, in state of flux and bring so much life and challenge into our lives. When the moods go up and down how do you know if it’s normal or if depression is creeping in? To answer these questions, psychotherapist Catherine Hart Weber, PhD wrote the book Is Your Teen Stressed or Depressed? with her father, Dr. Archibald Hart, senior professor of psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. Dr. Hart Weber brings enormous hope into play which I urge you to enjoy on this show!

"Volunteers are seldom paid; not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!" (author unknown) To celebrate National Volunteer week this month, we feature stories to put a WOW into your spring and a spring into your WOW! LaGayle Sosnowy at Univ. of Washington goes way beyond the call of duty with her love for her full time volunteer work there; Internist Dr. John Echrich of St. Louis, MO founded Grace Place Retreats to focus on keeping church workers and leaders, e.g. pastors, teachers, DCE’s, church musicians, parish nurses and church staff healthy, physically, emotionally, relationally, fiscally and spiritually with incredible results; and Bob and Sherry Wechsler of Elbow Lake, MN who tell how their son Crist died suddenly at age 28 and through organ donation helped improve the lives of 100 people!

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