Wednesday, July 8, 2009


How did you spend July 4th? We caught a spectacular fireworks display at our daughter’s house this year. They live across the street from a country club where the sky’s the limit on celebrating! We oohed and aahed for 30 minutes with one sky-splash more beautiful than the next. The lightening bugs showed off as well, reminding us that not all the fuss should be over ignited chemicals. I went home with fireworks in my head, and the children went upstairs to put fireflies next to their beds.

History repeats itself in lovely ways, with traditions that bind us as a nation, as a family, as friends. I recalled trying to write our names with the sparkler before it went out and lighting the sparkler of the person next to us, my dad carefully sending up rockets to thrill us as they reflected in Lake Michigan with the neighbors coming over to watch, sliced garden tomatoes and potato salad and corn on the cob, and feeling like all was well with the world. I had sweet dreams that night, thanking God for the freedoms only dreamed about by my friends in other countries. I thanked Him, too, for the great Woman to Woman® 4th of July show we did with Jeff and Cindy O’Leary this week. Catch that one for sure online.

I also realized how dependent I am on Christ, The Light of the World, who doesn’t just show His colors once a year. His Light is for now and eternity, where He’s leading us by His grace. His mercies are new each morning, when I can’t find my way from point A to point B on a project or a trip, or when I’m just thinking something through. He stays around much longer than it takes to write my name with a sparkler. He has written my name in the Book of Life. He is always there with His light when mine’s out. How does He do it? With His Word and any way He wishes! “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path!” Read it and count on light for your next step, because you’re not in this alone!

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