Monday, August 31, 2009


When my Jennifer was 18-months-old, she would say AHgain! when she liked a story or when we’d roll out cookie shapes or sing at the piano. So of course we’d do it “AHgain” and “AHgain!” My enthusiasm varied for the repeats, but even when my attention span waned, I’d at least fake enthusiasm and commitment to helping my child scale the learning curve. I learned, too -- things like how praise brings a more desired result than criticism. I learned quickly how these “AHgain” moments bonded me with my daughter from toddler-hood on. They paid off big time during her adolescence and to this day hold us close in terms of heart distance. She’s very grown up, with two children of her own with whom she joyfully and patiently experiences “AHgain” times “AHgain” and “AHgain!” If she’s ever bored, no one can tell. In fact, it seems like she rather looks forward to watching their development.

This reminds me of how God isn’t bored by sameness. He seems to revel in repetition. I’m on vacation this week, on Lake Michigan in a cottage built four generations ago. Three of my daughter's children were hiking a nature trail this morning with their mom and came across another longtime cottager who asked, “Are you Phyllis’ daughters?” She recognized a sameness there in God’s handiwork! God didn’t get bored with features He repeated through generations. Her children play on the beach with the same sand toys I used and read from some of the same cottage books on which I grew up -- same-o same-o! Repetition like this through the ages can be strengthening to families, to cultures, to organizations, even to the Church.

Are you hesitant to approach God with a dilemma, either temporal or eternal? Afraid He’ll be bored because you've been to Him before? He’s opened the buds on millions of rose bushes, created new life for every person ever conceived, healed the skinned knees of how many children and mended broken hearts since the beginning of the time. How could your problems be any less interesting to Him?

Waves lapping softly on the sandy shore produce the same calm in us that they have for generations here. The spectacular sunsets never bore me, nor the fall colors, the winter icebergs, the spring trillium and cherry blossoms. Even more importantly, God, my Creator, never gets bored with me, even when I get bored with myself. His mercies endure forever, and He says He is with me always. He forgives every sin, every offense, except the unforgivable sin of rejection of His Son as the Christ, our Savior from sin. He doesn’t tire of protecting me, revealing His plans for and to me. God doesn’t fake enthusiasm or commitment; He proves it in His Son who died on the cross and rose again. He doesn’t tire of you reading the Bible, the same Book generations before you have known to be The Truth. Just as Jennifer and I bonded through “AHgain” moments, so God bonds with us “AHgain” and “AHgain.” He is the ultimate AHgain from beginning to end. Ask Him, “AHgain!” He’s hoping you will!

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