Monday, December 14, 2009

The Possibilities

Three of our kids and their kids came home for Thanksgiving. Sarah, expecting twins, received lots of questions from the 3 to 10 year olds. Things had settled in by Thanksgiving Day and the great meal was served. Sarah’s family is vegetarian, and I forgot to put their “flurkey” in the oven in time, so they enjoyed our veggies and fruits and waited until later that evening for their “roast.” As Sarah nibbled at her small, late plate, she sat on the couch near the playing children. She pointed to the plate laying flat on her tummy. They thought that was hysterical! The next day my husband and I took them all out to breakfast at The Happy Cow, a restaurant where there are more cow paraphernalia than you can moo over. The parking lot was crowded, and five-year-old James heard his dad say, “I wonder if they’ll have enough tables for our group.” To which James piped up, “It’s okay, Daddy; Sarah has her own table”

Do we see the possibilities or do we look through the same glasses and see the same-ol’ same-ol’ in our lives? Is it a pregnant woman’s table or a pregnant woman? God’s examples in the Bible lead us to look at people and circumstance more like He does -- in terms of possibilities. His Word indicates that things are not as they appear. We see the impossible. He sees the possible. Not only does He see our hurdles and setbacks, He uses them for good. He can change your mind, your situation, your tomorrows, or all of the above! When God sets the table for us, it’s always with a fresh perspective, a better way, and a hope we can count on. Have a seat at that table where there’s always room!

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