Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Global Warming or Not?

I was riveted by the dynamic, eye opening presentation by Ann McElhinney in January 2010 when she addressed the Constitutional Coalition’s St. Louis Conference on Educational Policy. I told her about Woman to Woman® and invited her to the studio to record her experience as a documentary filmmaker who wrote and produced Not Evil, Just Wrong, Mine Your Own Business and other films. Ann is married to fellow documentary-maker and journalist Phelim McAleer.

This Irish girl swims against the tide. She’s a powerful example of how, when you answer God’s call on your life, know your stuff, refuse to be manipulated and speak with polite conviction, you can impact His world for good! We explore “GLOBAL WARMING or NOT?” as I ask Ann how she’s been bold enough to take the hits and stand steadfast in her passion to uncover truth and bring it to our attention. She calls herself an “eternal optimist” and you’ll see why in this visit. I think you’ll find it contagious! I know it will make you think twice about how and where you get your facts. I like doing that with you, “Woman to Woman!”

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