Tuesday, September 14, 2010


“What are the typical, perhaps inevitable, consequences of an emotionally destructive relationship that is not stopped?” That’s one of the questions I ask Leslie Vernick, a clinical social worker with a private counseling practice, who specializes in cognitive therapy. Her book The Emotionally Destructive Relationship is one of the keenest I’ve read on this situation, and I want you to meet her on the next show.

Her basic approach to breaking down and changing our emotionally destructive relationship patterns is succinct: Know how to see it, stop it and survive it. This can be a challenging relationship with someone close, someone professional – a boss or co-worker or a neighbor. We all have them and we can all use some coaching in this regard. Leslie Vernick teaches how to take on the “pro’s” who can wear us down and wipe us out, unless we have the tools she’ll provide! You’ll be passing this show around to your friends – and there will be a few people you won’t share with, so you can keep the “edge” on the situation!

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