Tuesday, August 9, 2011

“After the Choice: His Story” David Rosa

Men are seldom mentioned in prochoice or prolife discussions. But they’re the dads of the babies who are aborted and it turns out that they, too, are impacted by what happens “after the choice.” David L. Rosa knows this all too well. Today he’s married with 3 children, but he participated in two abortions and lived with the consequences of those choices for years before seeking help to get his life back. He first told his story at the March for Life in Washington DC in 2011. “If she’s in trouble, he’s in trouble too,” as we now know.

David describes very clearly how he reacted to the abortions with high alcohol consumption, multiple adulterous affairs and a grab for power and money. None of that brought any peace to his life. David says the healing process gave him peace that passes understanding from confessing to Christ who forgives sin, from confessing to his wife and family and from turning away from what was destroying him. He admits he’s a different man now, by God’s grace, restored to his loved ones and reaching out to keep others from making the mistakes he did.

This is a particularly powerful insight into the impact of abortion rights on men who may not realize what’s going on and most often will not talk about it. Here’s your chance to share a life changing visit with such a man. Thank you for helping me spread the word!

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