Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Can Do This Diet!

How do you react after you lose weight, feel that rush of pride, walk taller with the freedom from pounds and think, "Finally, I've figured this thing out!" only to gain it all – and even more – back? You probably give up like the rest of us and think either it's in your genes or you just can't do it.

I'd like to help you prime the pump and reactivate that desire of yours to be healthy. If you'll listen to the doctor who wrote I Can Do This Diet, it'll jumpstart your game. I can't guarantee how long you'll hang in there this time, but you will be fascinated by this book you can't put down. You haven't had access to this much information about yourself…until now! Read, and hear on Woman to Woman®, how new medical breakthroughs use the power of your brain and body chemistry to help you lose weight and keep it off for life.

Dr. Don Colbert is Board certified in family practice and anti-aging medicine, with extensive training in nutritional and preventative medicine. He helped millions discover the joy of living in divine health through his NY Times bestseller The Seven Pillars of Health. He’s treated over 40,000 patients in 25 years of practice, and at least one of them has to be like you!

Dr. Colbert points out that dieting does not work, but God’s provision for balanced brain and body chemistry can bring weight under control for life. What he seems to do so well is help us discover and remove the hidden obstacles to weight loss, which can then pave the way for God to enable us to replace imbalanced habits and needs with His provision for sensible eating that feeds body, mind and soul.

I've snuck more calories than I could count on the fastest calculator in the world for a month, and justified or rationalized each and every one. But Proverbs 25:28 reminds me, "Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self control." When this Bible verse stared me in the face, I thought of how cleverly I've swallowed the lie that I can pull it off – eating that is, not weight!

Join me in this visit with Dr. Colbert, whose approach to lifestyle eating is actually more delicious than chocolate! Be inspired by his winsome, relaxed and confident communication of facts that help us make good choices, in the face of lousy habits and craving our best friend, food.

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