Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chance to Start Over

If you were offered a chance to start over again, would you take it? Or does that seem like finding a genie in a bottle, just make believe? For those of us who experience addictions, a second chance is exactly what we need. It’s what this week’s Woman to Woman® guest, award-winning vocalist and songwriter Sonia Lee, used to overcome her battle with alcohol. She’s changed her personal choices and her tune since she discovered God is the Lord of second chances. She’ll share all that -- and sing for us, too!

Alcohol isn’t the only addiction her solution addresses. Whatever grabs more of your devotion than it should, whatever drives your bus onto the wrong “highway” of life, whatever consumes you is an addiction. Hear about the possibilities for alternatives to that, how to one-up that addiction with something even more satisfying through a relationship with Jesus Christ, this week on Woman to Woman!

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