Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Peace of Mind or Mind in Pieces?

Think about this verse -- Proverbs 12:25: “Anxiety in a [woman’s] heart weighs her down.”

You know that what rolls around in your head can keep you on edge and anxious. As women, generally speaking, we tend to take messages in, regardless of whether they’re true or not. Then they take on a life of their own and we’re off and running -- usually running into something we didn’t bargain for! We make mountains out of molehills and dissect a perfectly good situation until we can’t put the pieces back together again.

This week you’ll meet Debbie Holley who’s been encouraging women for thirty years. She describes us as “mental hoarders” -- but also says we have options to change! Debbie knows women; she knows we’re hard on ourselves. So she came up with a teaching series, part of which she’ll share with us Woman to Woman®. Debbie explains how we think and how to monitor ourselves when the thoughts cycling through our heads are counterproductive in our lives. Consider what’s going on in your life right now…and then tune in and learn how to choose which way to live -- with a mind in pieces or with peace of mind!

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